Monday, April 27, 2009

Looking Forward to Wednesday (4/29/2009)

A decent sized haul is expected this week and unexpected Green Lantern, which is always a plus. Three Geoff Johns' books this week...awesome. Click below for my pull list for Wednesday:

Most Anticipated Book of the Week:

Green Lantern #40:

Another GL comic already?? Wasn’t expecting this so quickly, but who am I to complain when blessed by the scheduling gods? Last issue was an excellent intro to the Orange Lantern Corps and hopefully this issue will have more of them and less of the Guardians bickering at Jordan for trying to save the universe. Still the best book DC has to offer and with every issue we creep closer to Blackest Night.

The Rest :

Battle for the Cowl: The Underground: Getting a bit tired of these tie-ins but my insane need to collect all of something is making me continue the purchases.

Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #4: Hmmmmm…I seem to remember that Geoff Johns and George Perez collaborated on a comic about 3 decades ago that seemed to involve someone named Superboy Prime and something else it was tying into. Final…..Crisis? Was that it? I will definitely need to re-read the first 3 issues to catch up.

Justice Society of America #26: Ah, I feel this may be the end, my friend. The last story arc kind of lost the magic in my opinion. Yes I know that Black Adam lost his magic, but I meant it in a more personal way. I think this is Geoff Johns’ last issue on the title and I’ll wait and see what the new team brings. Hopefully it will not become another Justice League.

Superman #687: The continuing adventures of Mon-El and The Guardian! Two characters that I couldn’t have cared less about before this story. So far so good at keeping my interest while Superman is visiting New Krypton.

Wonder Woman #31: The Olympian is here! Zeus is saying that Wonder Woman and her Amazon friends can rest their pretty little heads now that the men are here to handle bidness! Somehow I think that’s not going to be the case. Consistently great book every month.

Also, rumor has it, that my Black Lantern t-shirt will be in this Wednesday. So, expect me to put it on and begin wielding the power of death all over the RiverWest neighborhood. Watch out artsy neighbors and people walking your small yipping dogs! That means you, Papi and Waffle!

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