Monday, April 27, 2009

Guest Review - Kick-Ass #6 and All Hail Megatron #10 by Shawn

Today we have two new reviews by guest reviewer Shawn. Beware of the language in the Kick-Ass review. Although if you're at all familiar with Kick-Ass, where one of the main characters is a pre-teen girl who could make bikers cry, you won't mind at all. I mean seriously, it has Ass in the title of the book. A Simpson's quote comes to mind...We'll live like kings, damn hell ass kings! Anyway, click below to get into the mind of Shawn :

Kick-Ass #6
Story by Mark Millar
Art by John Romita, Jr.

Did you ever want to be a superhero? If your answer is a resounding “FUCK, YEAH!”, then listen up. Issue after issue Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr. deliver one brutal kick to the nuts after another and all I can say is, thank you sirs, fucking do it again!

Dave Lizewski was a comic book fan like the rest of us… Then he decided to become a real superhero and the world went sideways. He meets a ten year old girl whose father trained her to be an assassin that would seriously unsettle the Punisher. As Dave learns the ups and downs of his new lifestyle choice, he also comes across another hero about the same age as himself named Red Mist, who seems to be into it more for style and getting laid. Fuck Spider-Man, this is Marvel’s teen hero!

The cover of this issue says it all, “The Secret Origin of Big Daddy And Hit-Girl!” What kind of fucked up person shoots his own kid? I’ll tell ya, the kind that wants her to not be afraid when some dumb cunt pulls a gun bigger than her. If that doesn’t warrant father of the year, then I’m living in the wrong goddamn universe.

The best part in this issue for me is when Big Daddy and Hit-Girl come to recruit Dave for their team. Dave acts like a pussy, saying he’s not going to kill anyone because he’s a superhero and Hit-Girl responds, “Oh, kiss my ass. What is this? The Silver Age?” That, my friends, is the proverbial shit!

The issue concludes with a team meeting gone completely awry, which looks like it’s going to come full circle to the first issue where we first see Dave being tortured. Now, if the issues would come out on fucking time. Each one seems to be later than the last. They’re always worth it, but damn if it’s not fucking irritating. Kick-Ass is what it is, kick ass and I count it among my top five books on the rack. If you ever wanted to be a superhero, this is your book…just ask mommy and daddy first.

All Hail Megatron #10
Story by Shane McCarthy
Art by Guido Guidi

As a child of the eighties, the Transformers have been almost as important to me as Star Wars in the way that they impacted my impressionable young mind. I bought the action figures, watched the numerous cartoons and read the plethora of comics that came out over the years but, there is something about All Hail Megatron that stands out above the rest.

Every character has a distinct personality, making each and every one of them memorable. My personal favorite is Perceptor, who several issues back we come to find is not a glorified microscope but a lethal sniper. It sent a giddy chill up my spine.

The story itself has multiple layers of complexity, although in this issue there isn’t much with the human side of the conflict. With the story going into it’s final act, the action focuses on the Autobots still stranded on Cybertron and being besieged by more Deceptions than you can shake an all-spark at, while at the same time keeping our attention on Megatron and the treachery that goes with.

Last issue’s art was a little lackluster due to having a fill in artist, but Guido Guidi is back and thank goodness for this, or my favorite parts may have lost their edge. Without spoiling too much, there is the return of Omega Supreme which had my jaw on the floor, and there is the sheer awesomeness of seeing Megatron fending off the traitorous Devastator!

With only two issue left to go, the anticipation is mounting and as much as I love the current Michael Bay movie, there is a small part of me that wishes All Hail Megatron was hitting the big screen.



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