Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Looking Forward to Wednesday (4/15/2009)

A slow week coming up, so maybe I’ll grab a trade or two and catch up on some stories I’ve been wanting to check out. Click below for the list :

Most Anticipated Book of the Week :

Green Lantern Corps #35 : Sinestro is heading to Korugar for his daughter, some Lanterns are heading to Daxam to confront Mongul and the rest of Sinestro’s Corps was ordered to wait on the moon of Daxam. Anyone sense a huge battle brewing? GLC is a consistently awesome title, and has great lead up stories to Blackest Night.

The Rest of the Pull List :

Action Comics #876 : All of the Superman titles have been decent lately and after last issue, this fight they’re setting up could be pretty sweet.

GI Joe : Cobra #2 : First issue was interesting. I enjoyed looking at the GI Joe mythology from the other side. Can’t remember if this is an ongoing or a mini but it’s still on my list for now.

Oracle #2 : Great first issue, although there were some inconsistencies in Barbara’s character. I’m all for changes, though and the continuity doesn’t get me that fired up.

Transformers : All Hail Megatron #10 : This has been, besides Green Lantern, my favorite series in the last year. Hopefully we are back to the regular artist on this issue because the last one was a bit disappointing in the visuals.

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