Friday, May 29, 2009

First Impressions 5/28/2009

I managed to sneak over to the comic shop on a break because I really needed to get Green Lantern, at least. Did you ever try to read a comic book at red lights or while stuck in traffic?? Anyway, 7 books this week. Click below for first impressions in actual reading order:

Green Lantern #41 – Agent Orange’s backstory is pretty good. He tried to steal the Parallax entity. OMG he just mutilated Hal. Did not see that one coming.

Gotham Gazette : Batman Alive – Soooo…Tim Drake will be Red Robin. Tim is bitter in this,and it seems like Dick is trying too hard to do a Bruce impersonation.

Wonder Woman #32 – OUCH! When she rips the……out of Genocides back….just, OWWWW. Great line from Genocide though : “People you knew, people you met even once. I will pay them all a visit, one by one. Once you’re dead…..Later today, most likely.”

Justice Society of America #27 – Not bad for the first post-Johns issue. Starting to see some reference to Final Crisis in mainstream books now. More Powergirl “chest humor” as well.

Superman #688 – OK, the interaction between the team of Guardian and Mon-El against Squad K is pretty damn funny when they don’t believe that Mon-El is not Kryptonian. What’s up with Dr. Light in all of the Superman books now?

2 more left to read but I have to leave for work in a few. Reviews should be up by the end of the weekend, so check back!

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