Monday, May 4, 2009

Looking Forward to Wednesday - 5/6/2009

Another big week coming up for me at the comic shop with 2 tie in issues, 2 first issues and a few others that I’m looking forward to. My wife’s Violet Lantern shirt should also be in this week so we can have our very own War of Light at home since we now have the Black, Yellow and Violet Lantern Corps shirts :-) Click below for this week’s titles:

Most Anticipated Book of the Week :

Power Girl #1:

I’ve been waiting for this title to release for what seems like forever. Amanda Conner drawing Power Girl is just awesome. From the previews that have been stuck into the back of random DC books over the past month or so, it looks like Power Girl can, hopefully, finally play a major role in the DC universe. I know she had a large role in Infinite Crisis due to her Earth 2 lineage, and she chaired the JSA but I'm curious to see how they develop her character in her own title. I can't remember if this is an ongoing book or a mini-series, though.

The Rest :

Battle for the Cowl : The Network – When will these one shots end?? I guess here, because the 3rd and final issue of Battle for the Cowl comes out next week.

Final Crisis Aftermath : Run #1 – I’m curious about these. The 52 Aftermath titles were hit or miss, but I am interested to see where they take things with these different minis. The only one I will probably not be picking up is Ink, I have little to no interest in Tattooed Man

Flash Rebirth #2 – Bring it on, can’t wait for more of this book. Although I had some concerns with the first issue, I’m waiting until I'm through the 2nd issue to see how I really feel about it.

Seaguy : The Slaves of Mickey Eye #2 – The first volume was ultimately strange. The second volume, Slaves of Mickey Eye, has begun by upping the ante in the absurdity. Definitely a fun read that twists your mind around a little.

Superman : World of New Krypton #3 – Great series so far, hopefully it continues that way because we have a long way to go until the end of this 12 issue run.

Atomic Robo : Shadow From Beyond Time #1 – This title is just old school comics fun. The first two stories were very well done and filled with great humor, can't wait to see what Red 5 has ins store for us this time.

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