Wednesday, June 3, 2009

First Impressions 6/3/2009

Quite a stack this week and I also picked up some random old books as well. I did not spring for the J.G. Jones Batman and Robin #1 variant, due to the higher than usual variant price, but no big deal. Click below for first impressions in actual reading order:

Batman and Robin #1 – So I went into this wanting to dislike Quitely’s art but I was pleasantly surprised. The story picks up quickly as Dick Grayson steps into his first week in the cowl and ends with a very scary situation. Oh yeah…and a flying Batmobile :-)

Superman : World of New Krypton #4 – I hate it when the cover shows something that is cool but does not happen in the issue. This happens here, but the issue was still decent.

Atomic Robo : Shadow From Beyond Time #2 – The Lightning Gun sequence is hilarious and this entire issue is basically a chase through downtown with an inter-dimensional monster.

Final Crisis Aftermath : Run! #2 – Wow…Human Flame threw three Corgi dogs off a high-rise balcony (calm down, they land in the pool but that totally was not his intention). And he used the word Jeebus on the first page. I love this book!

Secret Six #10 – Deadshot just cannot win with women and Bane is still pretty f’ing awesome.

Seaguy : The Slaves of Mickey Eye #3 – What in hell just happened??????

I also picked up some books out of the Silver Age $1.00 bin. Action Comics #465 & #466 (1976) were purchased for their cover art mainly. I also grabbed the variant for Justice Society of America #20 which has a sexy image of Huntress and Power Girl that I just couldn’t let go unpurchased.

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