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Comic Book Reviews - 7/22/2009

I have to make it quick this week as there is much going on. So without further Apu...

What happened? Superboy Prime finally gets what he’s been looking for…and he’s still whining, Carol Ferris debates with a Star Sapphire power ring, Black Lantern Martian Manhunter cracks a joke…and some heads, Covergirl rescues Shipwreck and shows up rather un-covered, Starscream comes out of nowhere with a 24 year old movie reference and Power Girl makes some Blackgate prisoners happy just by walking by.

Pick of the Week

Green Lantern #44
Story by Geoff Johns
Art by Doug Mahnke

Blackest Night continues to terrify the DC Universe and this issue continues directly from the scene in Blackest Night #1 where J’onn J’onnz appears to Flash and Green Lantern. Doug Mahnke completely steps up his art in a huge way for his GL run and Geoff Johns once again shows why he is one of the superstars in comic writing today.

As he has stated before, this isn’t going to make much sense if you haven’t read Blackest Night #1, but what regular GL reader wouldn’t be reading Blackest Night?? Most of the issue gives us an in-depth look at the encounter between these 3 characters, which gives us the best line of the issue. As Hal and Barry crash through the wall of a firehouse during the fight, there is a loud noise as J’onn is outside literally lifting the building to smash it into another building. As he rips the firehouse from its foundations, Black Lantern J’onn says: “I’m as powerful as Superman. Why does everyone forget that?” As I’ve said before, it’s even creepier that the Black Lanterns have personalities and retain some traits of the original character.

The rest of this issue sets up a cliffhanger with John Stewart, who apparently will be the main GL in the next issue. The issue also shows that the Black Lanterns retain the original character’s powers as J’onn uses his intangibility and telepathy against Hal and Barry during the fight. Excellent continuation of the Blackest Night story and I feel it’s a necessary tie-in.

The Rest

Transformers : All Hail Megatron #13
Story by Simon Furman & Mike Costa
Art by Don Figueroa & Chee Yang Ong

Although not quite up to the level of the main part of this series, the added issues start off pretty well here. As we all know, All Hail Megatron was supposed to be 12 issues, but due to its massive popularity (which was definitely well earned) some extra issues were added to bridge the time between AHM and whatever the next Transfomers story will be.

In this issue we get two stories, one about the Autobots which focuses on Optimus and Ironhide and one about the Decepticons, focusing on Starscream. The Autobot story is honestly a little dull, but the Decepticon one shows Starscream once again attempting to overthrow Megatron while his loyalists cling to the hope that he will recover. The high point of the issue though is Starscream referencing the 1985 Transformers animated movie with this line : “I’d just ceremoniously jettison his (Megatron’s) body out the airlock if I didn’t have the nagging feeling he’d somehow return, even more powerful than before.

This is a direct reference to events in the Transformers movie where Starscream does, in fact, dump Megatron into outer space only to have him be reborn as Galvatron. Galvatron returns to Cybertron to discover Starscream in command…and quickly (and easily) kills Starscream.

I’m really curious to see what the next step in these fantastic Transformers stories will be but the preview image for next issue does involve Galvatron, so we may see Megatron reborn in the comics.

Power Girl #3
Story by Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti
Art by Amanda Conner

Power Girl proves to us that not all blondes are dumb victims, and that freeze breath while not the most impressive of superpowers, can still get you out of a jam if you use your head. Great conclusion to the first story arc and a couple pages to set up the next one. Hopefully the book retains the momentum it built in this first story.

I had to leave out some books from the reviews this week, mainly just due to time issues but I’ll be back with a full run of reviews next week.

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