Saturday, August 1, 2009

First Impressions - 7/29/2009

After a brief hiccup in the posting schedule, First Impressions is back. Reviews for the week and my Blackest Night update will be up tomorrow (Sunday). Chicago Comic-Con is coming up quickly as well! Can't wait. 6 books this week, click below for First Impressions :

Superman #690 - The title of the issue basically says it all - The Setup. More like a preview issue of what's coming in the next few months.

Wonder Woman #34 - ...and the Power Girl chest jokes spill over into Wonder Woman's book. And PG doesn't even make an appearance!

Wednesday Comics #4 - One month in and Supergirl is clearly the standout comic in my opinion with Adam Strange and Deadman gaining.

Justice Society of America #29 - Willingham and Sturges' first issue on JSA starts with one hell of a cliffhanger ending. Not bad guys, not bad at all.

Detective Comics #855 - Beautiful artwork abounds in this issue, and I'm really digging the new villain.

Blackest Night : Tales of the Corps #3 - I was really looking forward to the Kilowog story but his mentor just killed it for me. Maybe on a second read I won't find it as bad. Great art though.

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