Sunday, July 5, 2009

Countdown to Chicago Comic-Con – Part 3 (32 Days to Go)

Well, we’re about a month out now and not much activity on new creators being announced. A bunch of celebrities have been added to the list though, click below for more info :

Here are some of the celebrities that have been added to the list of guests at Chicago Comic-Con this year.

Taylor Dane – Yes, that Taylor Dane. Not sure exactly why, but she will be there.

Jake Busey – son of Gary Busey and star of Starship Troopers

Ernie Hudson – played Winston Zeddemore in Ghostbusters

Doug Jones – actor who played Silver Surfer and Abe Sapien

Margot Kidder – Lois Lane from the Superman movies

Billy Dee Williams – Lando Calrissian and Colt 45 spokesman, although I just read on his online profile that he refuses to autograph Colt 45 merchandise at conventions….damn.

We’re firming up our plans for the con right now and it looks like we’ll be attending on Friday and Saturday. I hope to get some quick informal interviews with some of the artists and creators there, as well as reactions from some con attendees. Look for many, many pictures and coverage of all aspects of the convention here on Clever Name Blog when we get back.

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