Sunday, July 5, 2009

Looking Forward to Wednesday - 7/8/09

This week looks to be a little easier on the bank account, but we have 4 solid books and one to check out and possibly add to the coveted list. Click below for this week’s pull list :

Most Anticipated Book of the Week :

Green Lantern #43
Story by Geoff Johns
Art by Doug Mahnke

Two more beginnings here as we begin the much-anticipated Blackest Night story and Doug Mahnke begins his stint as penciller on Green Lantern. Mahnke is hit or miss for me but I’m ready to devour everything for the blackest Night storyline. This is billed as a prologue to Blackest Night and if the preview that I caught online is any indication, this story will creep everyone out in a major way and set up Black Hand as one of the most horrific villains in the DC Universe...and I can't wait :-)

The Rest :

Batman #688 – The beginning of Winnick and Bagley’s run with my favorite superhero. Judging from the preview on Newsarama, things are looking good. And I mean good for us the readers, not for Batman...he gets pretty jacked up.

Red Robin #2 – Great first issue, now let’s see if this can continue.

Superman : World of New Krypton #5 – WONK (hehe, wonk) has been surprisingly good and consistent and I’m enjoying this direction for Superman.

Wednesday Comics #1 – I was not interested in this new weekly project for DC at first, but the more I see, the more interested I become. Some of the creators are just great : Batman by Brian Azzarello, Metamorpho by Neil Gaiman, Green Lantern by Kurt Busiek! This could be a new weekly pickup at the shop.

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