Monday, August 10, 2009

Chicago Comic-Con Part 4.1 (Costumes)

This year, as in past years, the costumes were plentiful at Comic Con. Here’s just a sample of what we saw and I wish we could have taken pictures of every single person who dared to wear a disguise. Great job to everyone who obviously spent tons of time putting these outfits together and walking around to entertain all weekend. Click below for the costumes :

Adorable Green Lantern & Green Arrow with cross-dressing Supergirl.

This He-Man costume was very cool and takes a lot of work to maintain. He-Man also had a large Superman tribal tattoo on his arm which I don’t recall from the cartoon.

Thor and I think someone from Final Fantasy (someone please correct me if I’m wrong). The Thor costume was extremely well detailed, down to individual scale armor plates. This was indicative of the level of costuming that goes on there.

Two Umbrella Corporation troopers from Resident Evil and (I’m gonna take a guess here but I don’t speak Marvel) Black Widow?? Maria Hill? Nicole Fury?? Someone please help me out on this one.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Ladies Corps. Their rings all lit up which was pretty cool. The Hal Jordan costume was mostly leather, that guy must have been roasting.

This is the same guy that appeared earlier in a Supergirl costume. Great stuff folks.

There are always swarms of Stormtroopers of varying battle damage wandering about. Many of these are from the 501st Legion Midwest Garrison. There were even some scantily clad female troopers as well which I did not get pics of. Typically there is a huge crowd around them :-)

This Adam Strange costume was completely hand made by this guy’s wife. He said “I’m facing the one enemy that even the great Adam Strange couldn’t defeat….old age”

This Batman from Superman : Red Son was cleverly done. Again, fur hat in this environment? That is serious dedication to concept my friend.

The Joker on our left was extremely well done (from Batman R.I.P.). He even had the laugh down and did not break character. He was totally freaking my wife out every time we passed him.

I'll try to finish the rest tomorrow (Part 4.2). I didn't realize how many I had and it's getting hot sitting by this computer.

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