Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Looking Forward to Wednesday - 8/12/2009

Now that I’m back from Comic-Con I can get back to normal posting. Many, many good books will be releasing this week and here’s what I’m picking up :

Most Anticipated Book :

Blackest Night #2 – The undead (or are they just dead?) awesomeness continues (hopefully) as Black Lantern Aquaman is scheduled to make an appearance. Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis completely blew me away with the first issue and the hype was well worth it. Although this book will have quite the uphill battle to take Book of the Year because All Hail Megatron is definitely in the lead for that.

The Rest :

Action Comics #880 – Continuing the second story arc of “World Without Superman” called Codename : Patriot. This kicked off to a decent start last week.

Batman #689 – 2nd issue of Bagley and Winnick’s run. I enjoyed their take on Dick as Batman in the first issue so I’m eager to find out where this goes.

Blackest Night : Batman #1 – The first of the main Blackest Night tie-ins, let’s see how the new Batman deals with the dead rising.

Final Crisis Aftermath : Escape #4 – This series still makes very little sense but since I’m picking up issue 4 I guess I’m on for the whole 6.

Green Lantern Corps #39 – 3 Blackest Night books in one week??? I’ll be in Black Lantern overload by Thursday.

Red Robin #3 – This issue is a deciding factor whether I keep or drop this title. It’s good, but I’m starting to feel the pinch of sooooo many books coming out in the 2nd half of 2009.

Superman : Secret Files 2009 #1 – Basically a fill-in issue to get the new story arc going. All of the Superman titles have been good since Superman departed for New Krypton so I’ll check it out.

Wednesday Comics #6 – I’m behind by one week on this so I’ll read both this week.

G.I. Joe #8 – Chuck Dixon is hitting all of the great points in this series and lacing in some new stuff here and there. 8 issues in and no Cobra Commander (or Cobra for that matter) yet, I’m totally loving the slow build.

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