Thursday, August 13, 2009

First Impressions - 8/12/2009

Three Blackest Night books this week and a few other good titles. Click below for the First Impressions:

Blackest Night #2 - The deady goodness rolls on, and Aquaman hasn't been this bad-ass since SuperFriends! Just kidding, he was never bad-ass in SuperFriends...but he is here. One other thing, and I'll expand on this later, it seems that the only reason I read Hannibal Tabu's "The Buy Pile" article every week at Comic Book Resources is so that I can see how utterly opposite my opinions are from his. He is, so far, one of the very few reviewers I've seen that is slamming this book and I almost feel that it's just because he can look like the cool guy who disses the mainstream stuff because it's mainstream.

Blackest Night : Batman #1 - The first of the major Blackest Night tie-ins starts out just how you would think, but I'm still loving Dick as Batman.

Green Lantern Corps #39 - Good stuff, expanding on the story on Oa. These first few Blackest Night tie-ins are really well done.

Action Comics #880 - Part 2 of Codename : Patriot is grabbing my attention. The Captain Atom backup story is extremely odd.

Superman : Secret Files 2009 - Not really a necessary read if you've been following all of the books, but a nice reminder of things that have been going on.

GI Joe #8 - Good buildup between the first part of the story and the next. The Baroness and Destro courtship continues, and it's brutal.

Still have a few to read, but reviews will be up by Sunday.


Kerry said...

"I'm still loving dick [...]" --Jason Manger

Tabu's reviews are generally contrary and ill-conceived. I think about the 600th time he used the phrase, "Here's a short story about that: No." is when I decided his CBR column wasn't worth keeping up with anymore.

Jason D. Manger said...

Nice, pull my words out of context :-)