Sunday, August 30, 2009

First Impressions - 8/26/2009

Here are some rapid-fire posts from last week's comic books. First up is First Impressions :

Green Lantern #45 - Sinestro is mighty pissed...and that's just the way I likes him. Great scene with Agent Orange too. I think that image is going to be my new desktop wallpaper for a while.

Batman & Robin #3 - "You. You just redefined wrong." Great line from Damian as Robin while being held captive by Professor Pyg. Nice throwback to the beginning of Batman RIP stuck in this issue as well.

Superman #691 - Not the big bang conflict that I was expecting. That world of magic looks like a hyped up Renaissance Faire, though.

Justice Society of America #30 - Damage is awesome. As a villain named Tapeworm wraps around him, the explosive hero asks "You have no idea what my power is, do you?" Boom.

Flash : Rebirth #4 - VanSciver does an amazing job of showing the kinetic power of the Speed Force, and the pace of this series just ramped up big time.

Blackest Night : Titans #1 - Not bad. I haven't really benn following the main Titans book so I definitely appreciated all of the exposition.

Wonder Woman #35 - Another great issue but there was one big problem. Wonder Woman offers to join Nemesis in a hot shower to discuss things...and he says no! WTF dude?

Detective Comics #856 - Art by JH Williams III is stil stunning, although the story is takign a turn for the weird.

Gotham City Sirens #3 - Three issues in and we get a fill-in writer? Where did Paul Dini go???

Jimmy Olsen : Superman's Pal Special #2 - Lots of interesting fill-in information here, but I get the feeling that the ending is a big mis-lead.

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