Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Comic Book Reviews 8/26/2009

A total of 11 books came home with me this week and most of them were pretty damn good, unfortunately I only have time for 4 quick reviews. Posting schedules should be back on track for this week as I should be able to get comics on Wednesday.

What happened? Robin has some great one-liners and a new idea for renaming the Dynamic Duo, Mirabai verbally bitch-slaps Metallo, Dr. Fate has a little bit of the first-time jitters but comes out OK, the world of Flash : Rebirth is bathed in yellow and red, Black Lantern Hawk is kind of a jerk, Nemesis turns down a shower with Wonder Woman and is considered by most comic fans to be a very stupid man, dancing lesbians in tuxedos upset socialites, Riddler hijacks the Gotham City Sirens book, Jimmy Olsen’s new contact has a lot of ‘splaining to do and last but certainly not least, you wouldn’t like Sinestro when he’s angry…Sinestro Smash!!!!! Want more? Click below :


Green Lantern #45
Story by Geoff Johns
Art by Doug Mahnke

It’s amazing that in a book titled Green Lantern, that there are literally 5 panels in the entire book that feature one of the Earth GLs. This issue hops around the universe and shows exactly what I’ve been waiting to see: How are the other corps handling the Black Lanterns? The answer is very simple. Not well.

The planet of Xanshi rises from the dead…you heard me right, the planet not it’s former citizens. I’m curious to see if this will be the Black Lantern’s version of Mogo or Ranx, a mobile base to launch attacks from. The scenes between Carol Ferris and Sinestro are very well written. Sinestro treats Carol to his own version of “He’s Just Not That Into You” starring a giant yellow Hal Jordan construct. We also learn that Sinestro has some heart…but it makes him extraordinarily angry. Poor damaged broken Sinestro.

Checking in with the Blue Corps, they’re not fairing much better because during the attack from the orange camp a bunch of Black Rings are ominously hanging overhead with a status of “Awaiting Death”. One of the best scenes goes to Larfleeze (aka Agent Orange) as his past victims suddenly appear as resurrected Black Lanterns and being by himself suddenly doesn’t seem like such a good idea. His simple response of “Yuh-oh” is perfect. Yuh-oh is right, my friend. You. Are. Screeeeeewwwwed. To quote from the brilliant (and short-lived) Sifl & Olly Show: “You’ve got some serious-ass Black Lantern problems” Hmmmm….is Precious Roy still alive? Because he would make a sweet Black Lantern. “This is Precious Roy. Buy my power ring cleaner! Suckers!!!”


Blackest Night : Titans #1
Story by JT Krul
Art by Ed Benes

Since I’m not a regular Titans reader, I enjoyed this exposition and background heavy first issue, although long time readers might find it a bit tedious.

Featuring the new Hawk and Dove (and lots of Hawk’s ass thanks to Ed Benes) as well as Beast Boy, the issue quickly sets up who lost whom and then Bam! they’re there in all their Black Lantern glory.

I am really curious as to why the black rings can’t resurrect Don Hall (former Dove) and why the current Dove doesn’t register on the Black Lanterns Emo-Vision.

Batman & Robin #3
Story by Grant Morrison
Art by Frank Quitely

Professor Pyg…you so crazy. Yeah, this guy is seriously messed up. Besides wearing the pig mask and turning people into Dollatrons, he dances to disco music (from his pink iPod), nearly gives Robin a lap dance and takes orders from a weird modern art installation.

Throughout the issue we see the seeds being planted for future storylines, including the upcoming Revenge of the Red Hood (which I’m not completely sure is Jason Todd). It also focuses heavily on the relationships between two teams : Batman and Gordon and Dick and Damian.

This run made me actually enjoy Frank Quitely’s art in a big way. His detail and layouts fit this story perfectly and, believe it or not, I’m a little sad to see him go so soon. Morrison does a great job while toning down his usual craziness (which is still insane for most people) while tying in some items from previous Morrison Bat-tales.

Lastly, and I just saw this, if you turn the cover upside down some ar saying that it looks rather like the famous “Joker emerging from the chemical bath” scene in Killing Joke. Here’s a link : BATMAN & ROBIN COVER

Yeah, I can see it, and it’s too close to be unintentional. Could this Red Hood actually be the Joker or is the Domino Killer actually the Joker?? We shall see. Great stuff :-)

Flash : Rebirth #4
Story by Geoff Johns
Art by Ethan VanSciver

This issue was the first honest-to-God page turner of this entire series. The pace rockets past that of previous issues and does not take time to breath even for the iconic final page.

VanSciver’s rendering of the Speed Forcein this issue is amazing and Johns’ explanation of the mysterious Force is impressive. Some old-school Flash enthusiasts might have issue with the new explanation but Johns handles it well. Some fantastic scenes throughout, especially Jay Garrick Super-Speed Pimp-Slapping Professor Zoom in a huge panel. Wally really steps up in a big way as well, and proves why he should remain the Flash in the DC Universe…the main Flash anyway.

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