Monday, August 24, 2009

Looking Forward to Wednesday – 8/26/2009

Hmmmmm…10 books from DC this week with nothing else from other companies. I mean, the other companies are putting out books, I’m just not buying them. Click below for the titles that will come home with me this week :

Most Anticipated Book:

Batman & Robin #3
Story by Grant Morrison
Art by Frank Quitely

The end of the 3-issue Morrison / Quitely run is here. I actually was enjoying Quitely’s art for once but I look forward to seeing what Philip Tan can do…especially since Red Hood is coming back. Morrison’s take on the new Batman has been enjoyable and, in a surprising move, coherent while meshing with the other Batman books rather well.

The Rest:

Blackest Night : Titans #1 – The Blackest Night tie-ins keep rolling out. So far they’ve been decent.

Detective Comics #856 – I don’t have one bad thing to say about Rucka and Williams’ run on this story. Stunning art and great story.

Flash : Rebirth #4 – The Fastest Man alive is “Rebirthed” in the slowest story alive. Am I the only one who feels this book is dragging by?

Gotham City Sirens #3 – After the second issue I’m on board here for a while. I’m pretty much loving everything that Dini is writing in the DCU right now. Guillem March’s sexy artwork is nothing to complain about either.

Green Lantern #45 – With all of the Blackest Night stuff going on it seems like GL just came out recently. This issue will hopefully show us more of what is going on with the other corps in the War of Light….I’m also hoping for some more Sinestro goodness.

Justice Society of America #30 – So far so good on the new creative team, and it looks like Dr. Fate is coming back. Nice.

Superman #691 – After last week’s issue of Supergirl, I’m hyped for whatever is going to happen in Metropolis.

Wednesday Comics #8 – I have to admit that I’m like 4 weeks behind on Wednesday Comics. I’ve been purposely saving them up to read en masse.

Wonder Woman #35 – This is DC’s sleeper title that too many people aren’t reading. Buy this book people!!!!

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