Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Trip to Downtown Books – August

It seems that I’m hitting Downtown Books about once a month now and purchasing random comic titles from their massive collection. All in all I think I came out with 13 books for about $15.00. Here are my finds from last trip :

Catwoman #1 (1993)
Story by MaryJo Duffy
Art by Jim Balent

I’m a sucker for 90s comics with cool covers like holo-foil or, like this one, an embossed cover. The image of Catwoman in her old purple costume doesn’t hurt things either.

All Star Batman & Robin #1 (2005)
Story by Frank Miller
Art by Jim Lee

Look at the Jim Lee art, ignore the story, look at the art, ignore the story.

All Star Batman & Robin #6 (2007)
Story by Frank Miller
Art by Jim Lee

Actually I didn’t find ASB&R to be as bad as everyone was whining about. First appearance of All Star Batgirl.

WildC.A.T.S. #1 (1992)
Story by Brandon Choi & Jim Lee
Art by Jim Lee

More early-90s Jim Lee goodness. Now that I look, I picked up an awful lot of 90s books this trip.

Darker Image #1 (1993)
Story by Jim Lee, Rob Liefeld, Sam Keith & Brandon Choi
Art by Jim Lee, Rob Liefeld & Sam Keith

Mainly purchased because I love The Maxx. Jim Lee’s name is on it too and I seem to be on a roll with him.

Bullets & Bracelets #1 (1996)
Story by John Ostrander
Art by Gary Frank

So now apparently I’m going after all of the Amalgam books. Some of them are pretty decent. This one is the amalgamation of Diana Prince / Wonder Woman and Frank Castle / The Punisher. Wonder Woman stays pretty much the same but Punisher is named Trevor Castle (after Steve Trevor and Frank Castle) and they had a child together. Good stuff.

Watchmen #1 (1986)
Story by Alan Moore
Art by Dave Gibbons

The guy who was working there let me rifle through the box that he was putting away and I found this original release in beautiful condition. When I pulled it out with the $1.99 price tag on it he said “Damn, I thought I took that out already for myself.” Channeling Snake from The Simpsons in my head, I internally said “Yoink!” and now it is mine.

Chastity : Theatre of Pain #2 (1997)
Story by Brian Pulido
Art by Josue Justiniano

Hot cover….that’s about the main reason I picked it up. What? I’m not gonna lie.

The Invisibles #4 (1994)
Story by Grant Morrison
Art by Steve Yeowell

Some 90s Grant Morrison craziness.

Valkyrie! #1 (1988)
Story by Chuck Dixon
Art by Brent E. Anderson

An early Chuck Dixon story, this is the first issue of a 3 issue mini.

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