Friday, September 4, 2009

Judging Books by the Cover - 9/2/2009

It’s been a while since I’ve done this feature but here we go with a look at this week’s comic book covers. Only 5 books this week so not a lot to choose from, but at least 2 stood out. These are chosen from books that I actually purchased, so I’m sure that there are other covers out there that could have made the grade. On to the covers :

Favorite Cover This Week :

The Last Resort #2
Cover by Darwyn Cooke

There are two artists whose cover work I have trouble passing up, no matter what the book is. One of those is J. Scott Campbell, the other is the fantastic simplicity of Darwyn Cooke. How he can render a scene of horror such as a plane crash with a flight attendant flying through the air next to charred bodies (and body parts) and make it so super-cool is a testament to his talent. Cooke’s cartoony colors and ultra-clean style is in direct contrast to the interior artwork which is brutal and messy, but in a good way.

I’m actually enjoying this title so the Darwyn Cooke cover is a nice bonus, but I do hope that he continues providing the covers for this book.

Runner-Up :

Final Crisis Aftermath : Run! #5
Cover by KAKO

What the hell is that one the cover?? That, my friends, is a 26-dimension hyper griffin. You heard what I said. I like this cover because it showcases just one of the insane aspects of this book. You almost have to pick it up just to see what is going on inside which, if I remember correctly, is the purpose of cover art in the first place.

Least Favorite Cover :

Batman #690
Cover by Tony Daniel

Although I am a fan of Tony Daniel’s work, this cover is just basically Generic Batman Cover #73 as he is about to punch Clayface (who actually doesn’t look like Clayface but something out of Resident Evil). The image is fine other than that, it’s just that the layout is so blah.

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