Thursday, September 3, 2009

Trailer Talk – Boondock Saints II : All Saints Day

Kicking off the newest feature here at Clever Name Blog, I’ll review the trailer for the sequel to the 1999 cult classic Boondock Saints. How does it measure up? Click below to find out :

Boondock Saints II : All Saints Day
Directed by Troy Duffy
Starring Sean Patrick Flannery, Norman Reedus, Billy Connoly, Julie Benz
Release : November 1, 2009

I am a fanatic for movie trailers. I’m always at the theater super early to watch a movie so I can catch the trailers, and I’m always checking them out online. Movie trailers are tough because you want to get people interested but not give away too much. You also don’t want to be misleading and promise something that won’t really happen.

Here’s the trailer :

So what really happens here?

There are many callbacks to the first film : the execution style of the twins, the hand tattoos and the two pennies that they left on the victim’s eyes at one of the crime scenes. The trailer is narrated by Billy Connoly and I won’t ruin the first movie yet if you haven’t seen it, but if you have then you know who he is.

Cue the rock music and quick cuts. More horsing around by the twins and…is that the girl from Dexter? Yes it is. I guess Willem Dafoe’s character isn’t going to be in the sequel because they introduce Benz as “His protégé”. Did Dafoe’s character die in the first one? Can’t really seem to recall. Anyway…they actually use the line “Let’s do some gratuitous violence” in the trailer. Ugh.

More quick cuts and different music lead us through some slow motion gunfight scenes. It looks as though they’re adding a new man to the team, another brother perhaps? This makes me think of Poochie or Roy being added to the Simpsons as a sign of it going downhill. I’m also wondering what the timeline is for this because Norman Reedus looks significantly older here, although it has been a decade since the first movie.

When it’s all over I feel that Boondock Saints did not need a sequel whatsoever. This may end up influencing my opinion of this movie no matter how good it may or may not be. The first movie was really good and ended well. Story over...done. I'm also not against straight action movies. I love Shoot 'Em Up and The Transporter for what they are, but this just doesn't grab me.

To wrap up, I often ask myself a couple of questions after watching a movie trailer :

Does the trailer make me want to rush out and see this movie? No. Not really.

Will I see this movie in theaters? Possibly, but probably not right away

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Kerry said...

Rent the movie Overnight to see just how batshit insane the director of Boonsock Saints really is.