Monday, September 21, 2009

Looking Forward to Wednesday - 9/23/2009

A light week compared to some of the previous ones. 6 books coming out with one non-DC title! No, it's still not Marvel. There's just nothing that Marvel has going on right now that interests me. Although I am getting near my annual "Hey, maybe I'll try a Marvel title" time again, do who knows what it will be.

Since it is looking to be a slow week, there may be a certain variant cover from a certain super-heroine with the intials PG for a certain wife of mine who collects such things :-) Click below for this week's books.

Most Anticipated Book :

Power Girl #5 – This book came out of the gate kicking ass and has not stopped since. This issue marks the official start of the second story arc, after the fill-in issue last month which was excellent. Great stuff from Palmiotti, Grey and Conner.

The Rest :

Blackest Night : Superman #2 – Hopefully this one picks up a bit as Psycho Pirate Black Lantern shows up in Smallville. I’ve been a little disappointed in the Blackest Night tie-ins so far.

Detective Comics #857 – More of the most fantastic art in the Bat-titles. Decent story too, just a little weird.

Supergirl #45 – The stories in the Superman-family titles are flying by due to the crossover. I think I’ll be going back and re-reading a lot of these books shortly.

Wednesday Comics #12 – The end of the best weekly since 52.

G.I. Joe #9 – My favorite non-DC title since All Hail Megatron is winding down. Excellent re-imagining of the 80s classic.

Holding off on Superman : Secret Origin for a bit, maybe until the trade comes out. I have so many books right now that I think the 90th re-telling of Superman’s origin can wait a little while. My boycott of Justice League may be ending next month as the new team jumps on board. Can Mark Bagley and James Robinson restore my faith in the Justice League? We shall see.

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