Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Trip to Downtown Books - 9/19/2009

In a now regular Saturday morning ritual, I drive downtown with Liz and as she goes to the Farmer's Market. I pop over three blocks and head into Downtown Books to scavenge for comics. Some decent finds this week in one of the 12 Markdown long-boxes as well as a healthy dose of "Buying Back My Childhood". Click below for the books :

Markdown Bin

Action Comics #812 (Turner Sketch Variant) : I already own the regular copy of this (start of the Godfall story) but the Michael Turner sketch variant cover for the second printing was too sweet to pass up for 80 cents.

Buying Back My Childhood

Dark Wolf Annual #1
Dark Wolf #1-4, 8 :
When I was just getting into comics I used to pick up this title called Dark Wolf from Malibu / Eternity Comics. I had a large painting that I did of the main character in my room because he was totally bad-ass looking. I honestly can't remember what the books were about beyond the main character but I remember loving them then and I enjoy picking up books that I used to have. I couldn't lose for 89 cents a piece.

Bought For the Cover

Fantastic Four #26 : Dr. Doom sits on his throne surrounded by the Fantastic Four (and a very chesty Sue Storm as Liz pointed out) sans Reed Richards. Doom is holding a golden chalice as if to say "Pimpin' ain't easy, bitches"

Suicide Squad #6 : Deadshot points his gun and Emchantress is targeted in the sight. I love Deadshot and usually pick up covers featuring him anyway, this one is sweet.

Wonder Woman #168 : Pretty much any Adam Hughes Wonder Woman cover is a definite buy for me and I didn't have this one yet. Shot from below and very dark as Wonder Woman grasps her sword causing her hand to bleed.

Gotham Knights #8 : Cover by Brian Bolland, another no-brainer. Catwoman and Batman are wrapped in a strange embrace as she has her whip around his neck and he seems to be chloroforming her. Looking into the issue it seems it's not Batman but Hugo Strange, still pretty cool though.

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