Thursday, April 29, 2010

First Impressions - Comics Released 4/28/2010

Not a bad week for comics, but due to a heavy work schedule I only got to read a few right away.

Green Lantern Corps #47 – Typical dull epilogue issue….but Salaak is a bad-ass now. Good for him!.

Fantastic Four #578 – Not as great as the last few issues but it is definitely building to something.

Justice Society of America #38 – I caught up with the last few issues and I’m loving this future Nazi America stuff. The introduction of the Fuhrer is great and the “deaths” are many and brutal.

GI Joe : Cobra II #4 – Is that Cobra Commander???? Finally! I like the new look. It’s like classic Cobra Commander meets Thurston Howell III.  (The pic below is NOT his new look, just one of my favorites.)

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