Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Comic Book Day Randomness!

On this holiest of weekdays (at least to me and my kind) I'll try to post random information, reviews, or just anything that comes to mind.  I tend to have off on New Comic Book Day so I have a lot of time to hang around and wait for the shop to open :-)  Today's post will be about a project I was working on for a little while...custom superhero cufflinks

In my regular boring business life, I manage a retail store that sells menswear (you can probably figure out which one...I guarantee it).  I suit up every day and have little way of expressing my geekiness without going overboard.  There was a guy who worked across the street from my store at Brooks Brothers who would often wear a large Captain America belt buckle with his pricey Brooks Brothers suits but that seems like a bit much to me.

At Wizard World Chicago, my lovely wife bought me a set of Batman cufflinks and then a set of Superman cufflinks.  After that, I had trouble finding designs for Green Lantern or any other hero that I was interested in.

One day while sitting at the comic shop looking at my third (or fourth...can't remember) promotional plastic Green Lantern ring, I thought that if I could cut off the top and attach blank cufflink backs that these would make pretty sweet and unique cufflinks.

So.....a Dremel tool, some eBay shopping to find cufflink blanks and some free time later, we have the results.  My first attempt was with the Green Lantern rings and they came out pretty well.  Once I sliced into the ring the top sort of just popped cleanly off and left a great area to attach the backing.  I'm still debating whether or not I'll paint the background white or just leave them as is.

Then, a week or so ago, the Flash rings arrived at Collector's Edge (representing the North location, G).  These rings for some reason were more difficult to work with.  This is probably due to the fact that the Lantern rings are thicker and have more room to work with.  They still came out well and I wore them to work yesterday.

I love having people point and say 'Those are awesome!  Where did you buy them?"  The next project may be a complete set of Lantern Corps links and some Legion cufflinks if they release a LOSH ring (which they should).

Thanks for checking out this week's randomness and Happy New Comic Book Day to all!

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