Sunday, April 25, 2010

Looking Forward to Wednesday - 4/28/2010

In my first Looking Forward to Wednesday post since the return of Clever Name Blog we have a fairly substantial week for comics.  Click below for the books I plan on reading this week :


Fantastic Four #578 : In my attempt to broaden my comic reading horizons and thanks to recommendations from fellow readers I’ve begun picking up Fantastic Four regularly now. I’m pretty much caught up with the current Hickman / Eaglesham run and I just finished the “Doom’s Master” story. Good stuff all around.

DC Comics

Action Comics #889 : I’ve sort of lost faith in the Superman family of books. After the utter disappointment of Superman : World of New Krypton’s ending I pretty much gave up. I’ll still give them a chance but they are definitely off my regular pull list.

Detective Comics #864 : Detective hasn’t been doing much for me since the Rucka / Williams Batwoman story arc. I do have to catch up on an issue or two and we’ll see if it makes it’s way back to my regular list.

Gotham City Sirens #11 : Another Bat-family title that has lost some of my interest. Keeping an eye on it though. I was enjoying the way the Riddler is slowly returning to his old self, and Harley is always good for a laugh.

Green Lantern Corps #47 : With the excellent last issue of Green Lantern still rolling around in my head, I’m very curious to see what the last issue from the current creative team on GLC brings. I’m also curious to see how the third Green Lantern title, Emerald Warriors, will measure up.

Justice League : Rise and Fall of Arsenal #2 : I didn't read Cry For Justice but I am oddly interested in where they are going with Roy.

Justice Society of America #38 : I am really behind on Justice Society right now so I can’t really say much. I did drop the title from my regular list a few months back after the quality of stories seemed to drop off. I’ll be catching up with this soon, though.

Superman #699 & Superman : Last Stand of New Krypton #3 : I'm holding off on the Superman family books right now but I may catch up with them later.

Wonder Woman #43 : With just a few more issues left before Gail Simone’s departure, I’m hoping that JMS can take the reins and continue to keep my interest. Wonder Woman has been one of DC’s most underrated books for a while now so hopefully the creative change will be a good thing and will not lead to another DC title being dropped from my list (like Justice Society of America).

Other Publishers

GI Joe : Cobra #4 : IDW’s relaunch of the GI Joe franchise has been a supremely enjoyable read. The GI Joe : Cobra books are a shadowy fun look into the enemy.

Transformers #6 : Finally caught up with these and I am impressed. All Hail Megatron was a fantastic story and this follow-up title is nothing less. The ending of issue 5 left me wanting more, because...I. Love. Combiners!

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