Saturday, April 24, 2010

Show & Tell : Mattel Lex Luthor / Skeletor 2-Pack

With our first-born (AKA The Golden Child) on the way, we’ve had to cut back on some things, mainly entertainment related, in order to save money for upcoming child-related expenses. Thankfully my lovely wife still budgets in some play money for me to pick up an action figure or two when I run across them on my travels.

One evening after a lengthy bit of shopping at Babies R Us, we drove by the Toys R Us down the street and stopped in to check out the figures aisle. I saw two 2-Packs from Mattel on the shelf. First was Superman & He-Man. Nothing against these characters but I already have quite a few DC Classics Supermen and He-Man is cool but they don’t beat……

Lex Luthor and Skeletor!

Mattel has done a fantastic job with the DC Universe Classics line of toys so far. Great sculpts, high quality and a wide range of characters. I’ve seen the Masters of the Universe figures on their website ( but never purchased any. I was a fan of MOTU when I was younger, in fact I remember the first time my parents got a VCR, one of the tapes that we rented was a MOTU collection.

The Lex Luthor figure is in his trademark green and purple battle-suit. He comes with a few different colors of Kryptonite as accessories and the figure is very detailed. Articulation suffers a bit from the bulkiness of the suit but it isn’t really a big issue. This is the second Luthor in my DC Classics collection, the first being a SuperFriends style Luthor from the Gotham City 5-Pack (I know it doesn’t make much sense that he was in a Gotham pack, but let’s move on).

Skeletor has the same great build and articulation as the DC Classics figures and comes with a sword. This figure may just start me on a path to picking up the MOTU figures regularly but my main focus remains collecting the DC Universe Classics.

The set also came with a Masters of the Universe full size comic book that I have yet to read 

Price : $29.99
Purchased From : Toys R Us – Brookfield, Wisconsin

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