Thursday, April 29, 2010

Trailer Talk - Jonah Hex

The first trailer for Jonah Hex started appearing today and while I am not a regular reader of the DC western comic, this does look interesting.

Click below for the trailer :

With lots of stuff blowing up (is Michael Bay involved here?) and some interesting old west style weapons, this may prove to be a fun popcorn movie.  John Malkovich is always a decent bad guy and Josh Brolin looks like he will be more than up to the task of the title character.

My biggest problem?  Megan Fox.  Yup.  Her appearance in a movie automatically knocks it down a few pegs for me.  She is such a horrid actress that it actually brings down my whole opinion of the film.  I'm sure we'll have the gratuitous shots of her leaning over things in tight (or very little) clothing that appeals to the 15 year olds, but it just annoys me.

Will I watch it?  I'll probably check it out.  I've never really followed the comic regularly and I do think it was an odd choice for DC and Warner Brothers to put out but I think it will warrant a viewing.

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-Stephen M. Wolterstorff said...

Megan Fox looks to be the Katie Holmes of this movie. What's up with that logo? Apart from that, liking it. Not sure I'll see it in the theatre but it looks fun.