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Comic Reviews 5/19/2010 - Part 2 (Updated)

Reviews from 5/19/2010 continued….

Legion of Superheroes #1
Story by Paul Levitz
Art by Yildiray Cinar

I was never a fan of the Legion of Superheroes, I guess it boils down to too many characters that I don’t know enough about. I read the Superman arc regarding the Legion and the Final Crisis tie-in (LOL, yeah that really tied-in didn’t it?) Legion of 3 Worlds. The team interested me but is it enough to justify picking up a monthly book? Not sure yet, but we’re off to a decent start.

Levitz makes it very easy to get in to this story by updating us on the member’s names and powers. A heavy dose of exposition filled conversations doesn’t hurt, either. We pick up basically right after the Superman and the Legion of Superheroes story arc with Earth Man being held captive for his crimes during that story. We also visit Oa where the last Green Lantern, Sodom Yat, somehow generates a being from inside Oa that acts as the new recruiting officer for the Corps. Weird? Indeed it is, but I’m interested to see where this goes.

Lastly, did anyone else notice the multiple references to the not-yet-published Geoff Johns storyline Flashpoint? It even goes so far as to use this line “I would begin at Flashpoint, we know the date in 2011 well…”

This is a decent kickoff to the series and basically gives us a great intro and “where are they” for the Legionnaires. I’ll definitely pick up the second issue to continue.

GI Joe #18
Story by Chuck Dixon
Art by SL Gallant

I’ve been applauding this series’ slow build pace from the beginning but now, let’s get a move on folks. 18 issues in and we’ve been introduced to most of the Joe team but Cobra still remains a major mystery. Great writing by Chuck Dixon as usual although the fill-in art by SL Gallant is sub-par to Robert Atkins’ usual stellar pages. This is a fantastic book for any new or old Joe fans but let’s pick up the pace! Just a little? Hello!?!

Invincible Iron Man #26
Story by Matt Fraction
Art by Salvador Larocca

I just recently caught up with the first two years of Invincible Iron Man and that warranted adding i tto my regular pull list.  Many people seemed put off by the recent "re-booting" of Tony Stark's brain from an incomplete back up so that he really does not remember what he did from Civil War on.  I like this, as it is a logical (comic book logic anyway) way to bring Stark from being a controlling jerk to being the charming billionaire playboy who now has to rebuild his empire.

Stark begins building bridges with a man he wronged in the past and is on his way to really patching things up with his Civil War adversary, Captain America as evidenced by Steve Rogers supplying Tony with a little gift of his old armors.  Other dark shadows are moving around in the background but it seems that the old Tony Stark is back.  I feel like I really need to go back and read Extremis, since his new setup seems to tie back to that style of Iron Man armor.

I'm regularly reading two Marvel books now.  Weird :-)

Atomic Robo and the Revenge of the Vampire Dimension #3
Story by Brian Clevinger
Art by Scott Wegener

I was a little confused here since the Vampire Dimension hasn’t been a story point since the first issue but this volume seems to be a collection of one-shots. Anyway, this issue marks the return of the brilliantly hilarious Doctor Dinosaur. Seriously, if you’ve never read any Atomic Robo you can pick this issue up, laugh your ass off and then go out and buy the trades of the past volumes.

One panel in particular stood out to me as Doctor Dinosaur threatens to cut up Atomic Robo into little pieces. Robo asks our prehistoric villain how he plans to achieve this. Doctor Dinosaur responds by pulling out an industrial circular saw and yelling “With science!!!” Anyone who has ever seen a Doktor Kaboom show will instantly lose it when seeing this panel as you are familiar with his famous battle cry “Look out! Science is coming!!”

The last issue was a bit slow but this one completely makes up for it. I want to see an entire story arc pitting Robo against the Doctor. Now!!


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