Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Looking Forward to Wednesday - 5/26/2010

8 Books from DC, 1 from IDW and 1 from Marvel (come on, I’m trying..) make for a substantial week of reading here at CNB. I’m trying out CNB as an easier way to say the title, sort of like CMB (Cash Money Brothers) from New Jack City. Am I my brother’s keeper?? Anyway, on to the books…..

Marvel Comics

Fantastic Four #579 – For a die-hard DC fan, I sure do love Fantastic Four lately. Hickman and Eaglesham have done a, I have to say it, fantastic job here and the title is super-easy to follow for first time readers like myself. Just found out that Eaglesham is not on this issue though, I wonder if that’s for good or just this issue.

DC Comics

Batman : Return of Bruce Wayne #2 – Pilgrim Batman!! Do I need to say more? No, I do not.

Gotham City Sirens #12 – I’ve been on the fence about this title lately. It’s become my least favorite of the Bat-family of books and after a year it’s grown a bit stale. Guillem March knocks out the art month after month but it’s getting a bit tired for me.

Green Lantern #54 – Post Blackest Night GL continues as we see what Atrocitus and Larfleeze are up to. Seems that Sinestro will be doing some detective work as well to find his Avatar of Fear that we saw being held captive by a mysteryious individual.

Green Lantern Corps #48 – Two Green Lantern titles this week! This is the first issue of the new creative team with Tony Bedard on writing duties. I’ve been with the Corps since the beginning now so we’ll see how the new team works out. If it doesn’t I may end up replacing Corps with the new Emerald Warriors title if that’s better.

Justice League : Generation Lost #2 – I was impressed by the first issue so I hope the second issue fairs better than Brightest Day #2. And that really does look like Mitchell Hundred on the cover. Maybe that’s the big twist : Ex Machina ends next month and it will be revealed that Mitchell Hundred is actually Max Lord.

Justice League : Rise and Fall of Arsenal #3 – I’m loosely following this storyline and honestly have to catch up with the last issue before reading this one.

Power Girl #12 – The final issue from the awesome creative team of Palmiotti, Grey and Conner. I’m looking forward to what the new creative team brings but the current crew will definitely be missed. Thanks for a wonderful 12 issues so far guys, this comic has been a blast!

Superman : War of the Supermen #4 – This title has been re-invigorating my interest in the Superman franchise that was lost in the last year. The 100 minute war wraps up here.

Wonder Woman #44 – The final issue before renumbering, and I believe the final Gail Simone issue as well. I’ve been happy to see Nicola Scott on the title for the past few issues.

IDW Publishing

Transformers #7 – Great stuff so far re-vamping one of my childhood favorites. IDW is kicking some serious ass on Transformers and GI Joe lately.

Now to think of what will be up tomorrow for New Comic Book Day Randomness…..any suggestions or requests? I’ll probably write it up while finally watching the Lost finale before I get to the Edge, as there may be much discussion about it.

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