Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Comic Book Day Randomness - Sweet Lullabies

This week's New Comic Book Day Randomness was supposed to be about cartoons that I loved growing up and watching them as an adult, but it got pretty big and won't be ready for a few weeks. Instead, we have this...

My parents bought us a Prenatal Heart Listener / Music System a while back and we've been dying to use it to introduce our daughter to the wonderful world of music. The other night, we decided to give it a go but were unsure of what to start with. What songs do you choose as the first your child listens to?

My wife and I are both big fans of various types of music, and neither of us listen to any country music which is one reason that we got together. I know that most people who use these prenatal music systems go with Mozart or Beethoven to give themselves the illusion that their child will be a master pianist by age 3....not us. Being an unconventional pair of people we decided to go with some unconventional first choices.

First up : Lovesong by The Cure

This is just a great song. Of the many covers I've heard of this one the original is still the best. A bit creepy at times but just an excellent piece of music.

Second Song : Ceremony by New Order

I’ll admit that I was just randomly looking through songs when I came across this one, but I do love New Order and this is one of my absolute favorite’s. Liz loves it because she watched Marie Antoinette at least once a day.

Third Song : Punk Rock Girl by The Dead Milkmen

Not only are they from Philadelphia, like myself, but The Dead Milkmen are another band that my wife and I had a mutual interest in before we met. Punk Rock Girl is fun and our daughter will have plaid skirts, pink Docs and skull shirts just like Mommy.

We'll be playing around with music more as the third trimester continues.  Any suggestions?

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