Wednesday, May 12, 2010

First Impressions - 5/12/2010

Only had time to read 3 books tonight and here they are in order of reading.  Two disappointments and one decent book so far :-)
Batman : The Return of Bruce Wayne #1 : I had serious high hopes for this mini-series but something felt really off about this. Not sure what it is, maybe I’ll pinpoint it on my second read through before writing a review.

Batman #699 : This was the second book I read this week and it wasn’t that great either. Not sure what happened and the ending felt completely rushed. This week seems to be full of Bat-disappointment so far.

The Flash #2 : Great second issue. This book may make it past my three issue probation. This is the first book this week that I enjoyed right away.


Birds of Prey #1 : Have to finish reading the issue but Hawk's line referring to a gang dressed like cheerleaders was great :  "Cheerleaders are for back seats, not armed robbery."

Full reviews will be up by the weekend, plus I'll have some reviews for books that I missed from last week.

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Kerry said...

Loved Birds of Prey; it's like Simone never left. I still prefer Dixon on this book (he created it, after all), but she definitely brought back the spark it lacked under Bedard.

The Flash was good, but... I don't know... I still wish it was just Wally. Barry Allen is about as dull as... well, Hal Jordan. Though character rehab is one of Johns's specialties, I suppose.