Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Looking Forward to Wednesday - 5/12/2010

Lots of new books this week plus picking up the books I didn’t get last week is going to equal a big bill at the Edge on Wednesday. I missed being at the shop last week, amongst people like myself, wearing a geeky t-shirt and wondering who the villain will be in the next Batman film or trying to apply real-life logic to fictional stories. Good times! Well, this week I’ll be back and reviewing comics by the weekend.

Here are the titles that I plan on checking out this week:

Batgirl #10 – One of the most surprising books this year from DC continues to be a fun read.

Batman #699 – Last issue was kind of strange, and with the end of Batman & Robin 12 last week, I wonder where they are going for the 700th issue or if this is even going to tie in to that directly.

Batman : Return of Bruce Wayne #1 – This seems like it has been hyped forever so I hope it lives up. Big fan of Morrison’s work so let’s see if he can keep the momentum he has from Batman & Robin. Preview pages were weirdly interesting.

Birds of Prey #1 – Gail Simone and Ed Benes?? Sold! I’m expecting lots of super-heroines drawn from the back, you know….some of what Benes is famous for :-)

Flash #2 – I’m not a huge Flash fan but the first issue impressed me. My 3 issue probation for new titles is still in effect right now, though.

Justice League : Generation Lost #1 – I’ll also be checking out the other DC bi-weekly offering. Three issue rule in effect here as well.

Superman : War of the Supermen #2 – Probably be catching up with the Superman books in a week or so, I just haven’t had much time and something has been holding me back from really getting into them.

Titans : Villains For Hire Special #1 – Never been into the Titans, but I’m willing to check it out to see what this is all about.

Enough reading to keep me busy for a little while anyway :-)  Reviews on most of these should be up by the weekend!


Kerry said...

Bat-Cave-man didn't do much for me, but I always forget how much I like Chris Sprouse's art. He doesn't do nearly enough. It's a very clean, appealing style.

Kerry said...

Actually, in reading the issue again, I like how Bruce's modern speech sounds like gibberish to the cavemen. That's a nice touch.