Monday, May 10, 2010

A Trip to Half Price Books - 5/7/2010

After a long week at work for both myself and my wife, I love it when she sends me a text suggesting that we should go out to eat after work and then go buy some stuff we don’t really need just for fun.

This text, received this past Friday, led us to Ruby Tuesday’s (Triple Prime Burger….yum) and then to a nearby Half Price Books for some cool entertainment finds.

Our first stop after dinner was one of the 3 local Half Price Books locations, this time it was the one by Southridge Mall. The Southridge location has the “middle sized” comic book section with the Brookfield location being the largest and the Brown Deer location having the smallest. Although the Brown Deer location tends to carry more of the comic “bricks” that I so enjoy buying. Basically they are 40-45 random comics bundled together for $5.00.

Anyway, at the Southridge store I did manage to pick up a few things that I am usually on the lookout for :

Find #1 – 3 Adam Hughes Wonder Woman covers.

I am attempting to gather together a complete collection of Adam Hughes’ cover work on Wonder Woman. Currently I’m about 40% complete, but this isn’t a hardcore thing that I’m doing right now, more of a “if I see one I’ll buy it” sort of collecting. The three issues I picked up here were #145, #174 and #184, which is one that I have been searching for for a little while. 184 has a classic looking Wonder Woman from the 40s across from a modern Adam Hughes version, very cool.

Find #2 – 3 Issues of Ed Benes’ Artemis Requiem

One of my favorite artists for a while now has been Ed Benes. His style harkens back to the extreme 90s and the ultra-cheesecake versions of the women he draws doesn’t hurt either. I can’t wait for his return to Birds of Prey next week and in anticipation I picked up these 3 issues that he drew.

Find #3 – George Perez Avengers comic

I’ve always been a DC person, but I think that George Perez’s rendering of the Avengers is just plain awesome. This issue, #25 from February of 2000, features the Avengers as realized by Mr. Perez on the cover looking….well, very iconic.

Find #4 – Ultimate Fantastic Four Volumes 1 & 2

I wasn’t going to go through the Trade Paperback section but something pulled me over there. I found the first two volumes of Ultimate Fantastic Four…for $3.00 each :-) I may go back and grab more since they had at least 4 other random Ultimate FF books for the same price. I’m catching up on all of the Ultimate Universe stuff slowly but these two books were pretty good. Not quite Ultimate Spider-Man, but good reads in their own way.

Good hunting night! Flipping through large boxes of random comics is very calming to me and since this is one of our busiest times at work, it was much needed. Finding books that I’m looking for and finding them for a dollar is a good feeling as well.

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Kerry said...

That Wonder Woman #184 cover was re-purposed as the cover of the DC Comics Covergirls hardcover (which you would probably dig, by the way).

I forgot how much early Benes looks like Crappy Jim Lee imitation. If you like that, Mike Deodato's early stuff is also Crappy Jim Lee. He did Wonder Woman and Elektra in the '90s and they both have all the biologically impossible women you can handle.