Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Trip to Downtown Books - 5/19/2010

We had a sunny, beautiful day here in the MKE yesterday so I decided to take a walk downtown and ended up at one of my favorite comic book hunting spots…Downtown Books. After spending two hours rifling through the comic section with my new friend the comic book section cat, I came out with a pretty decent haul. 22 comics for about 25 dollars.

Magdalena / Vampirella One-Shot - Sweet Francis J Manapul cover featuring the two lovely ladies.

Common Grounds #1 - J. Scott Campbell cover

Gate Crasher : Ring of Fire #4 - I picked up the first three issues of this mini by Mark Waid, Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner a while back, so I can finally finish the story. Cover by Joseph Michael Linsner

Catwoman #66 & 75 – Adam Hughes covers

Batman #499, 610, 615, 617, 629, 646, 647, 648 & 649 – I’ve started a project to start backfilling my Batman collection. The first objective is to fill in my missing issues from 600-650 and this was a really good start to that. Most of the issues that I purchased here are either from the Hush or Red Hood storylines.

Birds of Prey #47, 48 & 49 – Amanda Conner interiors.

Birds of Prey #42 & 57 – Two cool covers featuring Power Girl and Huntress.

Wonder Woman #155 & 195 – Two more Adam Hughes covers. I’m also trying to pick up all of Hughes’ cover work on Wonder Woman. I’m at about 45% complete right now.

The Gear Station #1 (Michael Turner variant) : I found this while searching for the fourth issue of Gate Crasher : Ring of Fire. Mainly I picked it up because my good friend and Michael Turner uber-fan Shawn didn’t know that this variant cover existed.


Liz said...

The cat needs a cool name....any thoughts?

Jason D. Manger said...

I'm thinking Kirby.....or Mr. Belly Scratchington III.