Sunday, June 27, 2010

Movie News : Superman / Batman : Apocalypse

This morning while doing my usual rounds of gathering geek news from around the interwebs, I came across some more information about DC's next animated movie (and fixed a ton of typoes, I apparently can't type before noon).  Click below for more:

So, the first thing I ran into was this picture that was posted on Facebook's DC Comics group from

...and, if this is for real, we have confirmation that the next DC Universe animated movie will indeed be an adaptation of Jeph Loeb and Michael Turner's Supergirl storyline from the Superman / Batman comics and is slated for release on September 28th 2010.

The movie will retain the standard PG-13 rating of the past few DC animated films and will clock in at around the standard 70 minutes, which still feels short to me but I'll take it.  Voice direction will, once again, be handled by the great Andrea Romano.

Also of interest was Kevin Conroy's IMDB page listing him as the voice of Batman for this project, with Tim Daly in rumored status to reprise the voice of Superman.  The voice of Supergirl is rumored to be Nicholle Tom. who was the voice for Supergirl in both the Superman animated series and Justice League.

This is all great news so far but I am waiting on the most important piece of casting information which would be Michael Ironside reprising his role as the Lord of Apokolips himself, Darkseid.

More info will be posted as I stumble across it :-)  What do you think about this project?  Any other casting ideas?

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