Friday, June 25, 2010

First Impressisons - 6/23/2010

Since I missed this week’s Looking Forward to Wednesday, I didn’t realize how many books I had coming out this week. I believe this is a record with 13 books. The initial quick reads are done and here are my first thoughts on this week’s releases :

Power Girl #13 – Besides the usual “recap for new readers” this issue was pleasantly surprising. Lots of fun, lots of action and they really keep PG’s personality in line with what the previous creators established.

Batman : The Return of Bruce Wayne #3 – Finally, this book gets moving and starts to make a little bit of sense. Still some things that are really up in the air, but we’re clearly moving somewhere now.

Superman #700 – This is how you do an anniversary issue! Superman #700 did a great job of bringing me back into the monthly Superman title. Not back on the regular pull list but getting close.

Green Lantern Corps #49 – Not bad, nice to see this particular villain back in play. This book is still on the ledge for being dropped by me, though.

Fantastic Four #580 – This has been a consistently great book. I’m enjoying the series of one-shots approach with a slight over-reaching arc. Need to read up on Nu-Earth though, missed that whole thing.

Zatanna #2 – Good issue, I’m intrigued and looking forward to the next one. Not sure if it’s regular pull list material yet, though.

Batman : Streets of Gotham #13 – Great conclusion to the short Carpenter story. I definitely want to see more of her in the future.

Legion of Super-Heroes #2 – Not bad, but not really grabbing my full attention. This book may not make it past the 3 issue trial. Issue 3 has to really blow me away.

Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark #1 – A little disappointed by this book. While it had its moments, it was definitely not worth the $4.99 cover price.

Justice League : Generation Lost #4 – Whenever Rocket Red spoke, I couldn’t help but think of Tony Stark mocking Plutonium Man before Civil War : “Say ‘moose and squirrel’, just once”

Green Arrow #1 – Decent start to this new run. Ollie goes full on Robin Hood here with the whole “rob from the rich and give to the poor” thing.

Incorruptible #7 – Not as strong as previous issues but still a fantastic title. Max has some serious issues to work out, and we find out his one weakness.

Supergirl #53 – Interesting intro of a new character, but I’m not sure how much Bizarro-speak I can take in the next few issues. Hopefully it stays light.

I’m playing around with some new formats for weekly reviews. I may not be reviewing every comic I read every week, but mainly those that were either exceptionally good or exceptionally bad with a few from the middle ground. Thanks for sticking with me while I work out the kinks :-)

- Jason

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