Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Looking Forward to Today.....around 4:00 :-)

It's new comic book day!  Here are some of the titlese that I'll be checking out today.  It's a bit of a slow week so I may also pick up a trade....Ex Machina has been high on my list to catch up with and I think I'm around Volume 5 at this point.  Click below for this week's books.  By the way, reviews from last week ARE coming, been a little busy with prepping the nursery for the baby.  Check back later for those.

Marvel Comics

Nothing really grabbing me from Marvel this week but who knows, something may literally jump off of the shelf and onto my pile.  It's happened before (I'm looking at you, Secret Avengers).

DC Comics

Birds of Prey #2 - Enjoyed the first issue so it warranted a view of the second.  I'm interested to find out who this new villain is.

Brightest Day #4 - The sequel to Blackest Night rolls on.  It's been a slow build but that's acceptable for a bi-weekly comic.  Generation Lost took off like a bat out of hell, though.

DC Universe : Legacies #2 - I wasn't that into the first issue but I'm giving it my 3 issue trial period.

IDW Publishing

GI Joe #19 - SPeaking of slow builds, I'm starting to get annoyed with this title.  The writing and art are good, but it seems to be taking forever to get anywhere.  This is close to being on the edge of my pull list.

....and that's about it :-)  Check back later for last week's reviews and first impressions from this week.

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