Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Looking Forward to Wednesday (5/20/2009)

It’s back to a normal work schedule for me this coming week which means I have off on Wednesday and can spend a little time at the comic shop again :-) 6 books that I’m looking for this week, and...what is this???....3 non-DC books! Wow, still nothing from Marvel that’s getting me interested but we’ll see what happens. First Impressions won't be up until at least Thursday morning since we're finally going to go see Star Trek tonight. Click below for the books :

Most Anticipated Title of the Week :

Batman : Battle for the Cowl #3 : Curious to see where they take the ending of this series. I’m kind of worried now after the Oracle debacle, but it should be good. I usually don’t pick up variant covers but I saw the Tony Daniel variant of Jason Todd and it’s pretty sweet. I'm just really hoping that if they don't make Jason the new Batman (which is highly likely that he won't be Batman), that they at least keep him around as a solid villain for Dick (who is more than likely going to be the new Batman). Everyone chant it with me : Ja-Son-Todd! Ja-Son-Todd!

The Rest :

Final Crisis Aftermath : Dance #1 : 2 for 2 so far on the Final Crisis Aftermath books. I liked the Super Young Team in Final Crisis and I want to see more. That’s about it.

Supergirl #41 : After last month’s “What the Hell??” ending I need an explanation.

Complete Dracula #1 : I’m testing this one out, it sounds pretty cool, a faithful adaptation of Stoker’s original Dracula story in comic book form.

GI Joe #5 : This has been great so far, enough said.

Transformers : All Hail Megatron #11 : And this, where do I even start?? This book is in the running for my Best Title of the Year. All Hell is breaking loose right now and they just added a few more issues to this mini, so hopefully they will do something different in the end. I mean, I Know the Autobots have to win, but I want to see a huge toll being paid to do so.

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